Swim Nappy - Green Turtles

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Eco-Love have a wide range of nappy prints to select from.  We now have dedicated swim nappies.  While we have always used our smooth nappies as swim nappies - and they can still be.... we have brought out a line of swim nappies that are reuseable, have an inner webbing (instead of the micro fleece) to catch what's not supposed to be in the pool, and are still conveniently a one-size-fits-most nappy.

Easily adjustable, they should see you baby right through to toilet training (4kg - 16kg).

Don't forget to head off to the pool with your wetbag to put all those wet things in before you leave the pool.  


All Eco-Love nappies are covered by a manufacturer's warranty so if you have any issues in the first 12months months your nappy will be happily replaced.  Please also be mindful of our simple and easy wash instructions - you'll receive a wash card with every purchase of an eco-love nappy, 

12 months warranty