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"Hi Friends - and welcome to Eco-love!"


Eco-Love: Our Story

"When I had my first child - I had not thought given nappies a thought before hand.  I had no idea what I was doing, and had no-one in my circle of friends where I lived having babies. In fact, my husband purchased our first cloth nappy - and while I did choke on the price of it at first - I was equally amazed at what it did, and what it meant for our environmental footprint. Fast forward a few months - I was well on my way dancing around the different cloth nappy styles, and trying a whole heap out from the second hand MCN market.  I stumbled across Eco-love nappies on facebook, and purchased a few to try.  I fell in love! They were easy to use, economical, quick to dry and they worked so well and were so efficient that they became my most trusted brand in the cupboard! (you know the type - the brand you will trust to go out with and know it's only a poonami that would stand in your way that day)


I became a distributor myself for Eco-Love, and when the owner was looking to venture into another business - she offered me the opportunity to buy Eco-Love and take it to its next stage. I jumped head first in.  Within a few months we had launched Eco-love website and took on more distributors in Australia.  That was in 2012.  Eco-Love has been in business since 2010 (mid 2009), and we are super proud of the products we continue to offer our customers.  These are tried and trusted - through our families, friends and customers.  The team who sew eco-love brand do so with care to details and it is seen in the quality workmanship they deliver year in and year out.  The trust we have with them, and the quality product we provide is why our customers know they can depend on us to provide an efficient, economic and easy to use beautiful nappy that will take them through their cloth nappying years as a family. Warranty, wash care and after sales assistance all included.  We continue to strive to create an economical and sustainable option for parents to cloth nappy their children, and truly hope Australia forges forward in understanding the impact we have on the environment and the proactive choices we need to make to be a more sustainable Australia.


The excitement I have in talking with every new or expectant parent, or the grandparents wishing their kids would choose cloth, or the friend that decides they will be the eco-voice-of-reason to her still alive and drives me in this business.  My husband and I truly believe: "it is not just a matter of IF Australians will start cloth nappying, it's a matter of WHEN!"  We need Australians to work together towards a sustainable Australia.  This means we need to be intentional about our earths resources through reducing, reusing, recycling and re-purposing at all times as the first course of action.


These nappies are made overseas, but as far as reducing, reusing and recycling - our cloth nappies have seen us through 3 children, and another 1 on the way.  Even though we have access to a shop full of nappies - we do not see the need to fill our cupboards with a new product, when we can reuse our existing.  That is key to this cycle.  Not just buying for want, but purchasing for need, and in a responsible way.  If an affordable cloth nappy I design and manufacture off shore will result in many thousands of families using them and decreasing landfill here in Australia, and be plausible for use for many years, then this is a positive and sustainable outcome for all of these families. 


Here at Eco-Love we love to help people understand how to use cloth nappies, how affordable it is for them, and what an impact they can do by not unleashing another childs lifetime of disposables to landfill. We are not against disposables - but we believe we can choose disposable nappies that have a component of biodegrading to them, and that we can choose to cloth nappy most of the time.

I’m so sold on this idea of cloth - that long ago I also changed to cloth for me personally. Yes - you read right - cloth pads....and menstrual cup. Ladies - you’ll never turn back when you release what was meant to come out - to come out naturally, and on cloth - that saves you money, and is super easy. Please - drop me a line on the contact page on website, or message me via facebook if you would like to know more.


We have a facebook page support group you are most welcome to join - and ask around things of other group members also.  


If you are just getting started using cloth nappies, or thinking about it - please have a look at our FAQs on the website, and don’t hesitate to give me your best questions - don’t worry if you think it will sound silly. We’ve probably answered it 100 times before - there are no silly questions.


Eco-love customers have always been such a blessing to us - not just as a small family business, but for their friendly and relational attitudes.  I think you all know you are joining a bigger crusade when you choose cloth.  And it makes us a team.

Thanks for taking a moment to find out more about us."


Best wishes,

Sussanah x

Owner - Ecolove Nappies



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