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Eco-love Nappies

Eco-nappies come in a range of different prints and colours that are either minky (soft and fluffy) or smooth.  All our plain colour prints are available in smooth only.

Eco-Love nappies are a one-size fits most nappy that is so efficient, economical and easy to use that we are constantly encouraging, supporting and promoting the use of cloth Australia wide, and sometimes overseas where we get the opportunity to!  Our nappies fit from birth to toilet training, plus convert easily to a swim nappy. Just take out the inner liner, and you have a brilliant light weight swim nappy.  Our nappies come in eco-love or eco-bambinie styles, set apart by the outer material of the eco-bambinies - a soft cotton and bamboo blend.  Either nappy will look after your babies right through their nappying years. Eco-Love nappy drying times are incomparable to some cloth nappies on the market, they are so fast! They wash and wear with ease.

Congratulations on looking into cloth nappies and the accessories and other lifestyle options that surround them. Please do not hesitate to contact us on ecolove@mail.com anytime with any questions....they have all been asked, and nothing is out of bounds! We are only happy to help you on your journey to cloth nappying.  Great for the planet, great for your pocket, great for your bub!


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