Mumma Pads



More and more mumm's are realising the benefits of cloth for our babies, that it is only natural to start thinking about cloth for ourselves. There are many reasons why we go cloth, including the huge cost savings, environmental and health benefits.
Disposable sanitry products are expensive to buy (think of how many you need each month, every month for the next say 30 years?), they DO NOT decompose and studies have shown that the bleaching agent used to sanitise these products are carcinogenic, and can cause you to have longer heavier periods. It just makes sense that we should be looking at other options.

Our eco-mumma range has been carefully selected from well renowned and trusted brands. The combination of high quality fabrics and craftsmanship make these brands stand out from the rest.

The Mumma Pads (modern cloth pads) are handmade by 'Mamma Patch'. A group of work at home mums that are doing what they love, sewing and producing an earth friendly quality womans product. Mumma patch products are imported, however we absorb the extra freighting costs. We believe that their products are second to none, I wouldnt buy from anyone else!

Please let me know if you need any further information. And please dont be put off by the thought of extra washing. All of our products come with specific washing instructions which are EASY to follow and will become a natural part of your washing routine.

See also our Bamboo breast pads are made by Aileen at 'Lime Daisy Design'. A work at home mum who takes pride in what she does. I am always receiving consistent high quality products, and service with a smile :) which makes me and my customers keep coming back for more! 

N.B. This item is sold as a pair. Fabric pattern placement may not be the same as the images shown.