eco-TRIAL pack

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2x eco-nappies*($32)  

1x Change mat ($23) 

1x large double zip wetbag ($17)

(total $72 in value)

All for  $57

POST charges apply $6.00

*All eco-nappies come with standard microfibre soakers.  Want 'easy-change soakers' instead?  Swap the 2 'standard soakers' for 2 'easy-change soakers' for an additional $4.    Want Eco-bambinies with this pack? Just add $7 for each eco-bambinie added.


Are you brand new to cloth nappying? This is for you.  This trial pack is a great gift, or fantastic for just trialling our eco-love nappies.  We've set it up so that the items in this pack are absolutely reusable even if you don't continue to cloth nappy. (which we hope won't be the case!)  The nappies can be used as swim nappies, the change mat is brilliant for changes on the go - or at home, fit your whole foam change mat inside the pocket of the change mat for a waterproof comfortable (and cute) change.  Out and about no matter what nappies you use, the large double zip wetbag is a lifesaver on most outings with kids.  Enjoy this quick and easy trial pack. 

    2x eco-nappies*($32)


1x large double zip wetbag**($17)


1x Change Mat Cover ($23)


(total $72 in value)


All for


  Save $15!