Eco-swim nappy

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Eco-Nappies are a one-size-fits-most nappy. They are very easy and economical to use. Easily adjustable, they should see you baby right through to toilet training (4kg - 16kg).


Simpley remove the absorbers altogether for a great training nappy or swim nappy.  In the pool clip the nappy to fit the little swimmer without the liner inside, and off you go.  Don't forget to head off to the pool with your wetbag to put all those wet things in before you leave the pool.  We recommend a smooth outer nappy for swim nappies.  

Each nappy comes with a "Standard Microfibre Absorber" that slides into a pocket in the nappy. The pocket is created by two layers of fabric. The outer layer is high quality waterproof PUL in either mink or smooth finish. The inner fabric is super-soft microfleece which wicks moisture away from the skin to soak into the absorber.


The "Standard Microfibre Absorber" is fast to dry and quick to draw in liquid. "Super-Soaker Bamboo Absorbers" are also available for overnight use or "Easy Change Soakers" (which come with our "Eco-Bambini Nappies") are another option to line your nappy. For extra soaking power, simply add a "Super-Soaker Bamboo Absorber" underneath the standard absorber, or fold two absorbers together and stuff them into the pocket.

All Eco-Love nappies are covered by a manufacturer's warranty so if you have any issues in the first few months your nappy will be happily replaced.