Cloth nappying is a sustainable and important decision for Australian parents when it comes to making lifestyle choices that impact our planet, our home, and our children.

Keeping disposables from landfill is a great start to lowering your waste footprint, as well as saving you money with a one-time purchase that should see you through 2 to 4 or more children depending on how many you purchase new, or used, and your washing schedule and style.  

For many other reasons, including the cute factor!, money, and the knowledge of keeping unwanted chemicals and fabrics off our sensitive babies skin - you can become part of the movement to teach the next generation of Australians to cloth nappy.  Cloth nappies was the "normal" way to go through the baby years just 30 years ago.  But today, as with many aspects of our disposable, fast paced and techno-savy world, we have missed our link and responsibility with looking after our earth and its resources, and finding ways to live that are sustainable.  Let's re-create the new normal, and make cloth nappying the new 'norm' for Australians.

Our Eco-Love nappies range:

All our Eco-Love nappies are a one-size fits most nappy.  They are very easy and economical to use, and adjustable and fitted in 3 easy steps.  Eco-love nappies should see your baby right through to toilet training (4kg - 16kg).  

Eco-Love nappies are available in 4 different styles:

  1. eco-love smooth
  2. eco-love minky
  3. eco-love one colour
  4. eco-bambinie


Each nappy comes with a Standard Microfibre Absorber that slides into the pocket of the nappy. The pocket is created by two layers of fabric.  Additional inserts can be added to each nappy purchase.

The outer layer is high quality waterproof PUL in either minky, smooth, one colour or bambinie fabrics. The inner fabric is super-soft microfleece which wicks moisture away from your babies skin into the insert placed in the pocket of the nappy.

About our inserts / absorbers

Eco-Love have 4 different inserts available to absorb moisture away from your baby.  All can go into the pocket of the nappy.  The only one that must always go in the pocket of the nappy is the micro-fibre absorber.

  1. Standard Microfibre Absorber is fast to dry and quick to draw in liquid.
  2. Super-Soaker Bamboo Absorbers are a great night time or nap time addition to your nappy.  Add it into the pocket of the nappy with the standard microfibre absorber, or it can be placed on top of the nappy with the suede panel facing babies skin.
  3. Easy Change bamboo charcoal insert is a 5-layer absorber with microfleece on the outer layers, and 3 layers of microfibre on the inside.  A great option to double up on top of the microfibre absorber, or use on it's own.  This insert can go either in the pocket of the nappy or on top of the nappy.
  4. Organic Hemp insert (blended with 35% cotton) offers a natural fibre range to our inserts. This is great to layer under a microfibre absorber in the pocket of the nappy for an extra thirsty nappy, or use on it's own in the pocket.


All Eco-Love nappies are covered by a manufacturer's warranty so if you have any issues in the first few months your nappy will be happily replaced.

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Cloth nappies are Great for the planet, great for your pocket, great for your bub!




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