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  • Adjustable from birth (approx 4kg to 16kg) - in 3 easy steps

  • Comes with 1x standard microfibre absorber

  • remove inserts for use as a training nappy or swim nappy

  • wash, dry, reuse - over and over - baby after baby

  • come with a manufacturers warranty - see warranty info

More info: 

Eco-love Nappies are a one-size-fits-most nappy. That means you can use them from birth right through to toilet training (approx 4kg to 16kg)

Eco-Love nappies are easy to use and adjust in 3 easy steps.

step 1. slide insert into pocket of nappy

step 2. clip snaps to adjust vertical height of nappy, curving nappy up between babys legs to create a well in the middle, and have elastic around legs comfortably on the pant line, not down on thighs.

step 3. clip snaps across baby's waist to a firm, but not tight, fit.

Each nappy comes with a Standard Microfibre Absorber that slides into the pocket of the nappy. The pocket is created by two layers of fabric. The outer layer is high quality waterproof PUL in either minky or smooth finish. The inner fabric is super-soft microfleece which wicks moisture away from the skin to soak into the insert/absorber.

The "Standard Microfibre Absorber" that comes with each eco-nappy is fast to dry and quick to draw in liquid.  Microfibre is a great moisture absorber - but cannot go directly on baby's skin. Please be sure to always use the microfibre insert in the pocket of the nappy.

You can also add a Super-Soaker Bamboo Absorber for overnight use or an Easy Change bamboo charcoal 5-layer insert (which come with our Eco-Bambinie Nappies) or an organic hemp insert (65% hemp 35% cotton) to double up or use interchangeably. 

For extra soaking power, simply add a "Super-Soaker Bamboo 5-layer insert" or "organic hemp insert" underneath the standard microfibre absorber.

Remove the inserts altogether for a great training nappy or swim nappy.

All Eco-Love nappies are covered by a manufacturer's warranty for 12months following care instructions.  

12 months warranty. Please refer to wash instructions that come with each nappy purchase.