Calm and Clear drops 30ml

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Calm and clear essence - 30ml dropper by Australian Bushflower essences

Calm and Clear helps in winding down, relaxing from the pressures that overwhelm.  When a little outside help is needed, a few drops go a long way. 


From the makers of this product:

Negative Condition: • Always over committed • No time for self • Impatience • Rushing • Worry • Mind chatter • Can’t sleep • Irritability • Impatience.

Positive Outcome: • Encourages own time and space to wind down • Relax and have fun • Clarity, calmness and peace


REVIEW: What we use Calm and Clear for?

  • a remedy for children needing to settle after a traumatic experience / slip,trip,fall, or if they are really upset and hard to calm. 
  • a promoter of natural antihistamine release when you've been out in the yard, rolling around with different barks, trees, weeds and someone gets a scratchy itchy red little rash.  We pop a few drops of calm and clear on the spot and rub it in. (note don't put near eyes!) 
  • pre-interview/big day jitters that don't go away and are taking over....a little under the toungue, with a dab of Thrive Essentials relax me now blend on our neck and we are on the road to calm and clear.
  • It is ALWAYS in our first aid kit, and we never leave home without our essential family oil blends, a tub of the chest rub, and calm and clear essence.  That's us.  That's what works for us, and we recommend it 100% to you friends.