sizing-diagram.jpgECO-LOVE Nappies is a 100% owned Australian company sourcing products that assist your family to be eco-friendly.  We are a family business. Our kids love what we do, and they love spreading the word and teaching others how easy it is to cloth nappy.

We offer great products at economical prices that are kind on our precious planet, and more importantly on ours and our babies bodies! 

Where to start?

Eco-love nappies offers a wide range of nappy prints and styles to suit hopefully everyone.  We try not to get stuck in the latest trends, but to offer beautiful, fun and funky prints that will cut through trends, and hopefully age gaps.  This means that a wetbag offered for your baby, will double as their kindy and school 'wetbag' for their change of clothes, or a great library bag. 

We also have a range of nappies called our ECO-BAMINIES, which are a soft bamboo/cotton blend of nappy.  You can find out more about each nappy when you select a print you like.

Our promise to our customers is; for our nappies to remain an affordable cloth nappy, a leader in efficiency and ease of use; to continue offering products and accessories that compliment the organic and eco-friendly nature of using cloth nappies and; to encourage the use of products that are kind on our environment and bodies.

If there is one of our distributor located near you, please, place your order through them your local distributor directly.  If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact eco-love team via our About Us Page.  Shopping local is great for the environment - less postage, fuel, paper etc, it's good for your local supplier, and you can touch and feel the products and chat to someone face to face who knows the product.  Your local distributor may have specials that differ from our online sales, and may be able to put together a pack specifically catered to your needs. You can see if you have a local distributor by checking out our facebook page. 

General Information 

SHIPPING: Australia wide post available (no more than $15 freight for large orders, minimum post cost is $6.60) Freight costs differ for orders outside of Australia. 

RETURNS: All our nappies come with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee on faults or disrepair.  Please contact us in the unlikely event of this happening. 

FEEDBACK: If you would like to share your experience with eco-love nappies, please post a review in the spaces provided on our website.